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The Top 3 Things To Do Before You Decide To Live Together

When you are in a relationship and things are starting to get serious, people expect that the next thing you will do is move in together. It is a big decision that you have to make, and it is important that you are a hundred percent sure before you start packing. If you and your partner are looking to take things to a new level, here are the things that you should do before you push through with the move.

Straighten financial issues

Think about this one carefully because one of the most common reasons for a split up is financial problems. You don’t want to be in that kind of situation if you are not yet ready for a new stage in your relationship. You need to talk things out on who will be paying the rent or if it’s going to be a fair split. Also, you need to consider the other expenses in the house. The bills and food you will eat. Make sure everything is clear.

Test it out

When I say test it out, it not like you will already move in and when you don’t feel like it, you’re going to move out. It should not work that way. The way you can test it out is if you will try to stay at each other’s house for a couple of days. You can work out a schedule whereas each of you will spend three days on your partner’s territory.

Think about how you deal with things

Once you are already living under one roof, expect more fights because it will be the time whereas you will know each other better. You will see each other’s habits that you may not like. Also, assess yourself on how well do you communicate with each other whenever you have a fight. You need to make sure that you will be able to talk things out and fix the problem.

Think about these things before making a final decision to live together. It is for your benefit if you can spend ample time thinking about it.

The 3 Compatibility Traits That Every Relationship Should Have

The success of a relationship is always dependent on the couple who will work hard for their happiness. Compatibility is important because it can be the determining factor of a long and lasting commitment. In every relationship, here are the top compatibility traits that should be present. Check it out and evaluate the connection you have with your partner.

  1. Similar Interest

It is not necessary that you have the same interest in everything. It is just important to have a common ground whereas the two of you will be able to bond. Things will be easier if you have an interest that the two of you can enjoy. It could be a sport that the two of you can play or activity that you like to do together. It doesn’t have to be something complicated. A simple love for cooking can be a great bonding for the couple.

  1. Morals and Values

The two of you should be compatible with the things that you believed in. Here’s the deal. If the wife believes that cheating is a sin while the husband thinks that men are a gift for the women, things will not add up because, in the end, you will just hurt each other.

  1. Sex

The pleasure you can get from sex should go both ways. You will be surprised to know how many relationships ended just because they are not sexually compatible. Let’s put it this way. If a guy has a strong urge for pleasure while the woman is not, the man will probably end up looking for someone who can give his sexual needs. It goes the same way for the ladies. If your man cannot satisfy your needs, it is not impossible that you would like to get it from someone who can.

These three compatibility traits should always be present in a relationship. It is the three magic ingredients for a relationship that is bound to last a lifetime.

The 3 Qualities of Men That All Ladies Should Look for

All ladies whether they admit it or not, have their ideal man in their minds. It is natural because we want to be with someone who can fit our standards. When we are looking for Mr. Right, it is important that we should not just look for their physical attributes. All ladies out there deserve the best. Here are the top qualities of men that we should look for when finding the right one.

  1. Open-minded

These days, we can hear a lot of the issues of gender equality. When we are looking for the right man that we would want to settle down, he should be someone who has an open mind. We cannot settle for anything less like a man who will not value our opinions. It’s true that we may not always be right, but the man we should be with is someone who can respect our opinions.

  1. Respect for equality

We cannot go for someone who cannot respect us because we are women. It is necessary that the man we’ll choose is someone who can treat us as equal. Remember this thought ladies. Women are not a trophy for men. We have the right to be treated the right way. A sexist man should have no place in our lives.

  1. Faithful

If anyone of you has heard someone saying that there is no faithful man, it is wrong. Men love to play around, and that is because they haven’t found the right woman who is worth it for all the attention he can give. Once they found the one, you’ll be surprised to see how a playboy can change in an instant.

You may have other preferences when it comes to men but make sure that the one you will choose has these three important qualities.