What Should You Avoid In Your Profile On Free On Line Dating Service?

When you join a dating site (free or paid) it is very important to make a good profile. Your profile on a dating site is like your trademark it says about you to other members of the dating site. In your profile you write about yourself and your looks about relations and your life partner. It is not a secret that being on a dating site has become like a competition. There are thousands of people and everyone of them is looking for his/her perfect match. People meet you on your profile, so you should make it just great in order more people to be attracted to your profile and to contact you first. There are some recommendations to you about making a good and eye catching profile.

You must be honest in your profile. It may sound reasonable to you to add some traits to your personality that you do not have, to display in your profile a picture where you are much younger, to hide some important details about your personality. You may think: why not? everyone on such sites does that! this opinion is really very widespread. Many think that people lie in their profiles, but this is not proved. Of course there can be many people who lie about themselves in their profiles. Do you want to become one of them? Do you think that real you is not able to attract a good person? Do you consider yourself as ugly, a looser or something like that? If you respect yourself, if you consider yourself as a decent person then do not lie in your profile on a dating site.

Moreover your lie anyway will be opened. For example you have attached to your profile a picture that was taken many years ago or have used Photo shop or even attach a picture of another person. What will happen then? When you and your virtual partner meet in person, he/she will understand that you have lied. It may doesnt have any matter how you look like to your partner, but the fact of lie will stay.

The importance of being honesty comes to one more important point. Do not try to pretend being someone else, stay yourself. If you do not like ice-cream but say that you like it because your partner likes, that wont work for both of you. Do not say things that you do not think but say because you think people want to hear from you. Do your best to give to your partner clear understanding of what person you are. If you hate opera and watching dramas, do not say you like them. Choose some pictures that can show what activities you like. Do you like traveling and have pictures from all over the world? Then attach these pictures to your profile.

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