Win Back Your Husband – Let Him See What He’s Been Missing

If you want to win back your husband heres the best thing you can do: Be Yourself. Be strong, competent, smart and be the woman he fell in love with in the beginning. Let him see what hes been missing. Let him have plenty of time to miss you.

If your marriage is over, or failing fast, and you want to know the best way to win back your husband I may be able to help. Of course, every relationship is unique and so are the problems they face, but there do tend to be some common things that have helped a lot of people and may be able to help you too.

1. Dont be desperate. Stop calling him and crying all the time. That just makes you seem needy and lets him think hes better off without all the drama. Instead wait a week or so. Use that time as a chance to get your feet back under you so that when the two of you do talk you can say your peace without being angry and upset.

2. Try to figure out what the problem with the relationship was, more than likely you both share in the blame. Take ownership of the part you played and try to change the behavior that you dont like and that caused some of the problems.

3. After a week or two has gone by, and hes had plenty of time to miss you, and youve had plenty of time to take a hard look at yourself, call him and invite him to meet. More than likely hell say yes.

When the two of you meet its important to stop the accusing wasteful ways you used to communicate and start really talking, and listening, to each other. Try to calmly explain that you realize you made some mistakes and youre willing to work on fixing them. If he still cares about you, hell likely admit he made some mistakes too, and once youve gotten to that point, youll have a real shot at a reconciliation.

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